Energy-Saving and Thermal Isolation

Sinds the introduction of the Energieeinsparverordnung (EnEV), legal requirements to reduce energy-consumption are increasing for all types of buildings in the past 15 years. The necessity to reduce the exhaust of CO2 by heating, cooling and illumination of buildings has led to a variety of new technologies and changed our way to deal with buildings fundamentally.
The consumption of the thermal shell of a building has to be seen in context with the consumption of the heating units. Heat-protection in the summertime has nearly become as important as thermal isolation during the wintertime. Regenerative sources of energy have to be implemented in the design. For new buildings as for existing buildings, we offer energetic concepts, that will fit. Architects and engineers appreciate trustful work with us.
We look forward to your email or your call and offer following services:

Thermal Isolation in Residential Buildings

No building permission without clearing energetical properties of the design. The Energieeinsparverordnung (EnEV) puts high demands to the thermal shell and the all parts of the technical equipment. Glass-surfaces have to be reduced in consequence of the EnEV. Eventually more space has to be reserved for the technical equipment in the floor and in the elevation. A successful design can only be achieved by teamwork of architect - energiyplanner - planner of building services. In this context we offer to you:

  • Calculation of energy-demand and energy-consumption
  • energetic concepts
  • Calculation of economic efficiency
  • Support of architectural planning
  • sampled controls of execution

Thermal Isolation in Utility Buildings

Calculation of energy-demands are highly complicated in utility-buildings because energy-consumption depends from the different use of the parts of these buildings. We offer to you:

  • Calculation of energy-demand according to DIN 18599
  • Energetic analysis
  • Supply-concepts
  • Calculation of economic efficiency
  • Support of architectural planning
  • sampled controls of execution

Energy Certification

When offering real estate objects to sell or let, interested parties have to be informed about the energetic properties. Dependent from class and age of the object, energy certification may take place according to demand or consumption.

Summertime Heatprotection

In Summertime building with a high degree of thermal isolation will charge with energy, which comes in by glass-surfaces. Thus, shadowing is an important pre-requisite for a working design.

Thermal Isolation in Existing Buildings

  • Calculation of energy-demand and energy-consumption
  • Thermografic examinations
  • Energetic concepts for improvement
  • Calculation of economic efficiency
  • Presentations to owners and communities
  • technical descriptions, invitations to tenders
  • Direction


There are relations between lack of thermal isolation and moisture. In the field, it can be stated, that problems with moist are often caused by wrong habits of users (insufficient ventilation) but also by insufficiency of building-parts themselves. Expert-reportings and information-talks to tenants are parts of our daily work.
Typically problems are often caused in this areas:

  • sleeping-rooms
  • kitchens
  • basements